Extra, Extra

Shock and Thaw: “Schools, shops, banks and Iceland’s famous swimming pools shut on Tuesday as women in the volcanic island nation — including the prime minister — went on strike to push for an end to unequal pay and gender-based violence.”

+ Erdogan’s Singular Sensation: Turkey’s Erdogan Backs Sweden NATO Membership After Long Delay. “Erdogan’s decision represents a major breakthrough for NATO’s push to strengthen its defenses after Russia’s incursion, having already admitted Finland in a similar process.”

+ Has Facebook Meta Match? “The complaint alleges that Meta knowingly rolled out features and platform incentives that promote harmful behaviors to young users, including allowing ‘Likes’ on posts and failing to remove content related to disordered eating and bullying.” Dozens of states sue Meta over youth mental health crisis.

+ Engine Trouble: “Emerson engaged with the pilots in ‘casual conversation’ before allegedly trying ‘to grab and pull two red fire handles that would have activated the plane’s emergency fire suppression system and cut off fuel to its engines.'” Off-duty pilot allegedly tried to shut off engines on Alaska Airlines flight.

+ Pile-Up: Seven dead after ‘super fog’ causes huge pile-up in New Orleans. Fog and smoke mixed to create a 158 car pile-up.

+ The Age of Shrinkage: “Mixing business with ice baths or showers can feel ‘like being shot by a BB gun.’ It can also be an invigorating way to network and bond with co-workers, some executives say.” WSJ (Gift Article): Seal It With a Handshake and a… Cold Plunge? The Hot New Way to Do Business. (I’ll take the BB gun…)

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