Extra, Extra

Don’t Everyone Speaker at Once: “House Republicans will hear Monday from nine lawmakers vying to be the next speaker of the House, with a candidate forum that ushers in a grueling day of voting Tuesday.” (One question: Do you believe in election results?) House GOP speaker race balloons to nine candidates.

+ Ven Diagram: “Venezuelans became the largest nationality arrested for illegally crossing the U.S. border, replacing Mexicans for the first time on record.” (Immigration issues can’t be addressed in a vacuum. How bad conditions are elsewhere impacts how many people want to come here.)

+ Photo Framed: “When disturbing online profiles appeared in her name, Melissa Trixie Watt was sure she knew who was behind the harassment. But she had to fight to get help from the police—and prove it in court.” Wired: Someone Is Using Photos of Me to Talk to Men.

+ Eric Rolled: Forbes: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Launched A $100 Million Company With His Girlfriend. It’s Not Going Well.

+ Leaves Us Alone! If someone asks you to rake your leaves this Fall, just gently remind them that experts told you not to. WaPo: Why you should be lazy and leave your leaves in the yard.

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