What to Watch: I don’t want to tell you too much about the charming series Nada on Hulu. It takes place in Argentina. It’s got colorful and delightful cinematography. There’s a great focus on food preparation and consumption. And it’s got one of the most perplexing and (at least through four episodes) useless cameos of all time. But it’s a really nice show.

+ What to Doc: Big Vape on Netflix is a multipart documentary on the rise and fall of Juul. It’s also about startup culture, the smoking industry, and how quickly well-meaning plans can turn to crap.

+ What to Jack: What do striking horror movie writers do when it’s their season and there are no movies to be made? They create a 7.5 minute Halloween horror short for Jack in the Box. It’s fun, but I’d skip the popcorn and get fries with that.