Wheels of Justice Grind: “It’s all academic. I don’t have a million dollars. My company has a few million, but that’s just to pay the bills and my product in the future. So we are literally on empty … At the end of the day, they won’t take my free speech away. I’m still going to be on the air one way or another.” Judge rules Alex Jones can’t use bankruptcy protection to avoid paying Sandy Hook families. (But until he actually pays, the spreading of one of the sickest conspiracy theories imaginable goes unpunished.)

+ More Than a Few Bad Apples: Big changes in climate can cause massive damage. But even brief, unexpected climate-change related events can be brutal for farmers. A bad apple season has some U.S. fruit growers planning for life in a warmer world.

+ Playing Favorites: “French police on Thursday raided the headquarters of the Paris 2024 Olympics Committee in yet another probe in connection with an ongoing investigation into alleged favoritism in awarding contracts for the Games.” (This is one of those investigations that will still be ongoing about 12 Olympics from now…)

+ The Don’t Talk Show: “Stewart’s intended discussions of artificial intelligence and China were a major concern for Apple.” Jon Stewart’s Apple TV Plus show ends, reportedly over coverage of AI and China.

+ Leaves Us Alone! “As hordes of photographers began descending on a small, rural community to capture its vibrant autumnal colours, local residents fought back – and won.” The fall foliage town that banned influencers.

+ Ciao Bella: Italy’s prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, says she has separated from her long-time partner Andrea Giambruno. “She announced the split on social media hours after a TV show broadcast explicit comments made off-air by TV host Giambruno to female colleagues.” (I don’t want to get into gossipy details, and besides, I don’t know how to say threesome in Italian.)