The Crackpot at the End of the Rainbow

“Sylvia Rhodea, one of eight self-described conservative Christians elected last November to the 11-person board, began by describing what she saw as the threat posed by LGBTQ groups and the Pride flag. In much of America, the rainbow banner represented the acceptance of gay, lesbian and transgender people. To Rhodea, it meant something very different. It was, she announced, ‘time to define the plus’ in the LGBTQ plus movement. ‘Over 50 different flags are flown under the LGBTQ flag,’ Rhodea said. Their ranks, she continued, included pedophiles, polygamists and furries, which she described as ‘those who dress as furry animals and may use litter boxes.'” Yes, people like Rhodea sound like lunatics from a fear mongering past. But this nonsense is happening now and it’s having a major impact on school boards across the country. WaPo: (Gift Article): A sex educator in Michigan refused to be shamed. Then came the backlash. “Heather Alberda found her calling by speaking bluntly about sex in her conservative county. Her career was no match for the nation’s culture wars.” This is directly related to crackpot, punching-down, woke-obsessed political speech that has become so popular these days. Expect to hear more of it at tonight’s first GOP debate. And remember, these aren’t just throw-away lines from politicians who don’t believe what they’re saying. This is a policy direction that’s taking hold. “Nearly 400 proposals aimed at allowing parents and government officials to change school lessons have been introduced in state legislatures since 2021 … Though less than 10% have passed, the climate around the bills has intimidated educators into self-censorship in schools, limiting discussions around racism and gender, PEN America said.” Education ‘intimidation’ bills have skyrocketed since 2021, report says.

+ People believe this crap. And they act on this crap. “The man who shot and killed the store owner last week over her display of a pride flag outside her store was a far-right conspiracy theorist who shared deeply anti-LGBTQ and antisemitic content on his social media accounts.”

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