Hoop Reams

“On 5 January 1971, Louis Herman Klotz did something that no basketballer has dared repeat. In front of a disbelieving audience in the city of Martin, Tennessee, the man known as Red broke one of the most sacred unwritten rules in sport. As player-coach for the Washington Generals, Klotz shot the winning basket against the Harlem Globetrotters … Over more than 50 years since, the Globetrotters have been ruthless in meting out their revenge. To the unmistakable melody of Sweet Georgia Brown, they’ve showboated their way to victory at the expense of hapless Generals who’ve never again beaten their illustrious opponents.” What’s it like being on the losing end of every game in a never-ending season? One win, 17,000 defeats – life as a Washington General.

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