Feel Good Friday

There’s little to feel good about in Maui these days. But at least there’s this sign of hope. Scorched by Maui wildfire, historic Lahaina banyan tree appears to be still standing.

+ Want to support fire victims? Donate to the Maui Strong Fund. (The site has been overwhelmed and down for part of the day, but keep trying.)

+ “Gently holding a baby hummingbird between her hands, Catia Lattouf says, “Hello, cute little guy. Are you very hungry?” It’s the newest patient at her apartment in a toney section of Mexico City where she has nursed hundreds of the tiny birds back to health over the past decade.” Ailing and baby hummingbirds nursed to health at woman’s apartment-turned-clinic in Mexico City. More in this video.

+ “Walrus pups in the wild rely on near-constant maternal care in their first two years of life, so the orphaned calf was clearly in trouble.” Walrus pup rescued in Alaska needs 24/7 human cuddling. (Luckily, my beagles only require cuddling 23/7, so I can get a break.)

+ WaPo: Her wedding gown was donated in error. The community rallied to get it back.

+ Reminder: We’ve got a new I Am the Algorithm Shirt in the NextDraft Store. Plenty of other great stuff, too!

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