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That Dog Don’t Hunter: Well, the nonsense BS garbage argument that the Justice Dept has been weaponized against Trump has met an obstacle (in addition to reality). “The Trump-appointed US attorney who is investigating Hunter Biden has been given special counsel status after plea talks between the Justice Department and the president’s son fell apart.” Meanwhile, the judge in the coup case has limited what Trump can share about the case. “Your client’s defense is supposed to happen in this courtroom, not on the internet.” This could be the first time anyone has ever forced Trump to limit what he says about anything anytime. Today should be turned into a national holiday. Happy STFU Day!

+ Recruiting Front: “Volodymyr Zelenskiy has announced the dismissal of all the heads of Ukraine’s regional military recruitment centres in the latest drive to root out corruption after officials were accused of taking bribes from those seeking to avoid the frontlines.”

+ Maui Update: “Residents of the hard-hit town of Lahaina are expected to be allowed back into their homes today, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said Friday. He cautioned: ‘They will see destruction like they’ve not ever seen in their lives.'” Here’s the latest from CNN.

+ Suicide Notes: “My son should not have died,” she said. “I know it’s complicated, I really do. But we have to be able to do something. Something that we’re not doing. Because whatever we’re doing right now is not helping.” US suicides hit an all-time high last year.

+ Hittin on the Dock of the Bay: “In 2023, coming after a cultural period of intensifying racialized protests, a group of white people whaling on an unsuspecting and defenseless Black man could have led to tragic consequences or, at the least, traumatized victims and onlookers. What the video shows happening next, however, flipped the script.” I haven’t linked to much about this story, but this is good overview and provides some interesting context. The Montgomery boat brawl and what it really means to ‘try that in a small town.’

+ Civil Suits: “In America, unprecedented success begets unprecedented wealth. When Michael Jordan wins six championships or Mark Zuckerberg invents social media, they earn billions. And not only them but also their teammates — the people whose contributions weren’t just meaningful but necessary. In success, they get paid, too. But not in Hollywood. Here, when you write for a show that becomes an unprecedented success, there is no such windfall.” I helped write the surprise Netflix sensation ‘Suits.’ My reward? $259.71.

+ Mock Tale: “Nonalcoholic beers used to be a lowly punch line—until Athletic Brewing Company came along and transformed the whole industry. Here’s the story of how, in just a few short years, its cofounders built a modern $60 million brand.” GQ: How Athletic Beer Won Over America. (Non-alcoholic drinks and cutting back on booze in general is a growing trend. It will also be the root of America’s next culture war.)

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