“Gautam Adani, Jack Dorsey, Carl Icahn. Nate Anderson has picked them off one by one. In mere months this year, he erased as much as $99 billion of their combined wealth while knocking $173 billion off the value of their publicly traded companies. In an era when prominent short sellers have retreated from the limelight — fretting lawsuits, short squeezes and government probes — the deft researcher has emerged as the gutsiest bear around. Allies say he’s risking civil suits, physical attacks and potentially even overseas arrest.” Anderson runs a small but highly influential short seller called Hindenburg Research. And you don’t want him to come out with a report on your company. Bloomberg (Gift Article): Short Seller Hindenburg Nabs Tiny Gains Off $173 Billion Carnage. As the headline implies, Hindenburg doesn’t seem to making all that much profit from the pain it causes others. What drives Anderson “is exposing what he sees as misbehavior and knocking down companies he deems offensively overblown. One competitor calls it the classic mindset of a short seller: a compulsion to understand how the world is screwed up and call it out.” (Let’s hope his calls are right…)