Bjorn to Run

I’m not what you’d call a good traveler. I have anticipatory anxiety even when it comes to what most people consider pleasure travel and regularly need a second carry-on just for Imodium. And no matter where I go or how much fun I’m having, I can’t wait to get back home to my routine. Even listening to the band Journey stresses me out. In other words, Torbjorn Pedersen pretty much lived my nightmare. WaPo (Gift Article): He visited all 195 countries without flying. It nearly broke him. (I’m not sure I could even open up 195 travel-related browser tabs.) “Pedersen encountered his first hurdle when he said he couldn’t find a boat to take him from Norway to the Faroe Islands in December 2013. After about three weeks, Pedersen said, a shipping company let him on board. ‘That kind of stuff seemed hard at the time…But that’s child’s play compared to what I had coming.'”

+ Pederson’s goal was to travel on roughly $20 a day. Even the pleasant stories seem to include a twist, for example, his stopover in Tuvalu. “It is gorgeous. The surf is amazing, the sky is beautiful, and the people were so kind and helpful. But I didn’t expect to be there for two months.” CNN: Man who visited every country without flying has finally returned home.

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