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Lead Zeppelin: “Around the country, utilities have been leaving lead pipe in the ground even when it is easiest to remove during water main work. Worse, they have been removing sections, disturbing the pipe and leaving the rest, which can spike lead levels, causing harm that will last a lifetime.” Decades after the dangers of lead became clear, some cities are leaving lead pipe in the ground.

+ Injunction Dysfunction: “After companies and the federal government spent years expanding efforts to combat online falsehoods in the wake of Russian interference on the platforms during the 2016 election, the ruling is just the latest sign of the pendulum swinging in the other direction. Tech companies are gutting their content moderation staffs, researchers are pulling back from studying disinformation and key government communications with Silicon Valley are on pause amid unprecedented political scrutiny.” WaPo (Gift Article): Social media injunction unravels plans to protect 2024 elections.

+ Nassar Stabbed: “Larry Nassar, the ex-USA Gymnastics doctor who sexually abused girls for decades, was stabbed 10 times in prison.”

+ Meeting Notes: Putin meets Prigozhin: Getting to grips with latest twist in Wagner saga. “Yet another twist and turn in a story that’s already surpassed Dostoyevsky for levels of surprise and mystery.” (Between the two, we’ve had plenty of crime but not nearly enough punishment.)

+ Tom Foolery: “A lone Senate Republican’s bid to reverse a Pentagon policy ensuring abortion access for service members is delaying the smooth transfer of power at the highest echelons of the armed forces, including in the ranks of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” Tuberville Blockade Over Abortion Policy Threatens Top Military Promotions.

+ Joke Theft: “The lawsuits allege the companies trained their AI models on their works without their consent.” Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta for copyright infringement. Plus, authors sue OpenAI, allege their books were used to train ChatGPT without their consent.

+ I’ll Drink to That: Kansas City TE Travis Kelce shows guts by doing Bud Light ad.

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