Weekend Whats

What to Doc: I’m late to the party on this one, but Wild Wild Country on Netflix is a wild, wild, documentary series that about a cult that moves into a very small Oregon town.

+ What to Hear: Nothing But Thieves (and their virtuoso lead singer Conor Mason) are back with an excellent new album, Dead Club City. Start with the single, Overcome.

+ What to Book: “The age of print is a grand exception in history. For five centuries it fostered what some call print culture – a worldview shaped by the completeness, permanence, and authority of the printed word.” And then, seemingly overnight, the digital revolution blew that completeness, permanence, and authority to smithereens. What lessons can we learn from the print age as we embark on the digital and AI age? No one is better suited to guide us toward an answer than Jeff Jarvis and his new book, The Gutenberg Parenthesis: The Age of Print and Its Lessons for the Age of the Internet.

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