Weekend Whats

Who to Remember: The entertainment world lost a great one as Alan Arkin passed away at the age of 89. Alan Arkin, Virtuoso Comic Actor With a Serious Side, Dies at 89. His remarkable range led Arkin to an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine. It’s on Max and rentable elsewhere. Here are two scenes from that movie that will make you miss Arkin all the more. I think my personal favorite was The Slums of Beverly Hills which is streaming on Hulu. There was also the In Laws, Glengarry Glen Ross and countless other great performances.

+ What to Hear: Last week I advised you to watch season two of The Bear. I undersold it because I hadn’t watch it all yet. Holy crap, it’s great. So is the Soundtrack. Here are the songs from season 2.

+ What to Read: Here are two longform articles for your long weekend reading list. First, Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic on Dave Grohl’s Monument to Mortality. “One blow, then another. It was all a bit much. Grohl is an unreasonably buoyant person, but it was hard to imagine how he would pull himself out of a trough dug by such concentrated loss. But he did. And he did so by writing his way out.” And Eric Wills in GQ on The Man Who Broke Bowling. “When he first alighted on the scene, Belmo, as he’s known to his fans, resembled an alien species: one that bowled with two hands. And not some granny shot, to be clear, but a kickass power move in which he uses two fingers (and no thumb) on his right hand, palms the front of the ball with his left, and then, on his approach, which is marked by a distinctive shuffle step, rocks the ball back before launching it with a liquid, athletic whip, his delivery producing an eye-popping hook, his ball striking the pins like a mini mortar explosion.”

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