They’re Playing Our Tune: “The whole universe is humming. Actually, the whole universe is Mongolian throat singing. Every star, every planet, every continent, every building, every person is vibrating along to the slow cosmic beat.” Scientists Found Ripples in Space and Time. (Just another example of Einstein being able to name that tune long before science could test his theories.)

+ Sub Plot: “It’s a narrative we all love: humans rallying to a common cause. Remember that soccer team stuck in the Thai cave? But this was different, and it felt like a charade, like total bullshit. Because if I knew the sub was gone, plenty of other people did, too. So where was that coverage?” The False Hope That the Titan’s Passengers Might Have Been Saved.

+ Bols Out: Judges ban Bolsonaro from running for office for eight years over ‘appalling lies.’ (Lying about elections is still frowned upon in some circles.)

+ French Protests: “Protesters erected barricades, lit fires and shot fireworks at police in French streets overnight as tensions grew over the deadly police shooting of a 17-year-old that has shocked the nation.”

+ Guard Off: “A Florida sheriff’s deputy was acquitted Thursday of felony child neglect and other charges for failing to act during the 2018 Parkland school massacre, concluding the first trial in U.S. history of a law enforcement officer for conduct during an on-campus shooting.”

+ Destroying Their Own Monster? Being the worst president in American history and committing numerous felonies hasn’t seemed to shake the support of Trump’s base. This might: Koch network raises more than $70 million, launches new anti-Trump ads in early voting states.

+ We Have Liftoff: We were promised flying cars. And one just got approved by the FAA.