In the case of the United States v Donald Trump, I sentence you to time served.

I’m a contrarian among media types when it comes to allowing cameras in the courtroom for the Trump trial. I’m glad there were no cameras in the court for today’s arraignment and I hope that continues to be the case. We’ve spent enough time obsessed with the Trump show. Especially when it comes to the impending case over his efforts to incite an insurrection and overthrow an election, we already witnessed the treacherous behavior in real time. In a split America, the only thing that’s been undivided has been our attention on Trump. Trump has taken enough from Americans. He did the crime, we shouldn’t have to do the time. The masses didn’t show up outside the courtroom in Miami. The mass media should take the cue.

+ Bottom line, Trump was arraigned, as we knew he would be. He entered a plea of not guilty as we knew he would. Maybe the biggest detail to come from the day is how hard it’s been for Trump to hire lawyers with relevant experience. Here’s the latest from NYT, WaPo, CNN, and AP.