Respect Your Elders

“In one of Jenny Krupa’s TikTok videos, her neighbor has been hurt. Ms. Krupa’s concern? She wants to see ‘if the paramedics are hot.’ In another video, she lets a man who ghosted her know she’s TikTok famous — and he ‘really screwed up.’ A goofy scenario in yet another — involving a spat with her best friend and an “arrest” — turns out to be a sponsored post for the Paramount Pictures movie “80 for Brady.” Ms. Krupa, an influencer on TikTok, has a partnership with the studio. But she is not your typical social media personality.” What makes her atypical? She’s 91. NYT (Gift Article): As Older TikTok Creators Flourish, Brands Are Signing Them Up. (I still have a few years to go viral.)

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