Nice Glass

From the Mac to the iPod to the iPhone to the AppleWatch, Apple has managed to create new categories of popular computing. Can their Vision Pro augmented reality glasses succeed where others have failed? You enter an immersive environment and use your eyes and hands to navigate (sans input devices). “You’re also not, Apple promises, isolated from people around you. The headset will display your eyes with a system called EyeSight, and if you’re in full VR, a glowing screen will obscure them to suggest you’re not available.” (Let me save you the effort of deciphering my outgoing glowing screen: I’m not available.) The Verge: After years of delays, Apple is taking its first shot at AR glasses. At one point during the launch, one of the presenters asked: “What if you could travel on a National Geographic adventure from your couch?” Apple just gets me.

+ Luckily, you’ll have a few months to save up: Apple reveals Vision Pro, available for $3,499, early next year.

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