Cloud (K)9

I have an unspoken arrangement with my two beagles who are by my side 24/7. I agree to pick up their shit and they agree not to tell my wife and kids what I eat after everyone else has gone to bed. In light of this next story, I’m getting off pretty easy. NYT (Gift Article): No More Begging for Treats. Dogs Now Have Restaurants. “Dog menus have become the new version of children’s menus at some restaurants. Pet parents can now order their dog a steak or Alaskan salmon with steamed rice. The dog can wash that down with a nonalcoholic ‘beer’ made of pork broth, or a bowl of Dög Pawrignon made with wild-caught-salmon oil. Other restaurants have gone a step further, catering exclusively to dogs, from custom canine birthday cakes to food trucks serving chicken nuggets and burgers. At Dogue, dogs eat a fine-dining tasting menu.” (One of my cats just saw the name “Dogue” and coughed up a furball.)

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