Chit Disturbers

“As reports of hate propaganda surge to record highs, authorities across the country are torn over how to address rhetoric they fear could inspire violence. Some police departments have condemned the bigotry, sparking praise and criticism in a nation divided over where free speech ends and criminal intimidation begins. Others have declined to comment, aiming to minimize attention on white supremacist sentiments.
Chitwood has rejected this playbook he sees as flimsy and futile. His strategy? Go nuclear. Shame the organizers on the radio and television. Roast them on the internet. Keep at it for months. Keep going even though no one knows if it’s working.” WaPo (Gift Article): The Florida sheriff vs. the neo-Nazi ‘scumbags.’ (I’m rooting for the sheriff.)

+ We have to wholeheartedly and loudly back antihate leaders like Florida Sheriff Mike Chitwood because pro-haters loudly oppose him. “A Florida sheriff who has taken a hard line against antisemitic extremism in his county announced Thursday that authorities have arrested a third person for making online threats against him. And just like the first two men arrested, this one also is living with his mother.”

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