Honesty Is Such a Lonely Word: “A lot of election officials I’ve talked to are asking themselves: Why am I doing this? Why am I getting paid like a civil servant to be constantly harassed? … Whether it’s the intent or not, the effect is to drive a lot of these public servants — upon who we’ve relied for decades in some cases — out of the field, which will leave elections more vulnerable than they’ve been before.” Hounded by baseless voter fraud allegations, an entire county’s election staff quits in Virginia. The worst part of this kind of lie-based, abusive hounding is that it works. Honest people are being chased out of the political process.

+ Pill Case: “If the federal courts could be trusted to apply the law in a fair and nonpartisan manner, even when hot-button issues like abortion are at stake, then we could expect a higher court to step in almost immediately to quash a decision seeking to ban mifepristone. As attorney Adam Unikowsky, a former law clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia, writes in a scathing prebuttal of Kacsmaryk’s expected decision, ‘if the subject matter of this case were anything other than abortion, the plaintiffs would have no chance of succeeding in the Supreme Court.'” But abortion is the topic. And this court was designed to outlaw it. Vox: What happens now after that Trump judge banned abortion pills? One difference in this case is that big pharma is gonna get in on the fight. Pfizer CEO signs open letter calling for reversal of Texas abortion pill ruling.

+ Again: “A shooter at a bank in downtown Louisville killed at least four people — including two friends of the governor — and wounded at least nine others Monday, authorities said. The suspect also was dead. The shooting, the 15th mass killing in the country this year.” Here’s the latest from CNN, including this shocker: “The shooter used an AR-15-style rifle.”

+ Power Points: “Riot Platforms’ mine in Rockdale, Texas, uses about the same amount of electricity as the nearest 300,000 homes, making it the most power-intensive Bitcoin mining operation in America.” NYT: The Real-World Costs of the Digital Race for Bitcoin. “Bitcoin mines cash in on electricity — by devouring it, selling it, even turning it off — and they cause immense pollution.” (Full disclosure: When I open my browser tabs at night, my whole neighborhood dims.)

+ Tennessee Change: “Nashville’s Metro Council could return Justin Jones to the Legislature immediately when it votes to fill the vacant position on an interim basis.” Tennessee lawmaker ousted over gun control protest may be reinstated today.

+ Rahm Calm: “Rahm was not the defending champion coming in hot (Scottie Scheffler), the limping legend (Tiger Woods), the idol turned rogue (Phil Mickelson), the face of the PGA Tour (Rory McIlroy), or the revived and macho major specialist (Brooks Koepka). But he dismantled the field here Sunday and showed again what has been clear for a while: He might just be the finest player of his generation.” Jon Rahm won the Masters.

+ Negative Charge: “Over the past years, we’ve seen the problem of “juice jacking” grow at public charging stations for phones and other devices. Now the FBI considers the risk of juice jacking so high that it’s telling Americans to completely avoid using public chargers in airports, hotels, and malls.”

+ Quid Pro Crow: There’s nothing like a little quality bro time with pal who has a copy of Mein Kampf signed by the author. Clarence Thomas’s Billionaire Benefactor Collects Hitler Artifacts. “Harlan Crow also reportedly has a garden full of dictator statues.” (Seems pretty normal.)