Taking Stock

“While people praised Finland’s strong social safety net and spoke glowingly of the psychological benefits of nature and the personal joys of sports or music, they also talked about guilt, anxiety and loneliness. Rather than ‘happy,’ they were more likely to characterize Finns as ‘quite gloomy,’ ‘a little moody’ or not given to unnecessary smiling. Many also shared concerns about threats to their way of life, including possible gains by a far-right party in the country’s elections, the war in Ukraine and a tense relationship with Russia, which could worsen now that Finland is set to join NATO. It turns out even the happiest people in the world aren’t that happy. But they are something more like content.” (Maybe they just misread the poll question?) NYT (Gift Article): The Finnish Secret to Happiness? Knowing When You Have Enough.

+ Have the Finns had enough of Prime Minister Sanna Marin? Her party just suffered an election defeat. In her concession speech, Marin said, “Democracy has spoken, the Finnish people have cast their vote, and the celebration of democracy is always a wonderful thing.” (Wait, nothing about fake electors, voting machines, or George Soros? No wonder they’re happy.)

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