“The inmates serving death sentences at San Quentin State Prison will be moved elsewhere in the California penitentiary system, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office announced, and it will be renamed the San Quentin Rehabilitation Center.” California will remake San Quentin prison, emphasizing rehab.

+ The Busload of Books tour continues apace, and Matthew and Robbi and their kids are starting to get some excellent coverage (with bigger things to come). Here they are appearing on a newstalk show in St Louis. And more coverage that includes a tour of the bus. (Four kids, two parents, and a dog in that little bus for a year, and they’re still positive!)

+ Experimental pill achieves complete cancer remission in 18 people with aggressive leukemia.

+ Israel’s top government officials are behaving badly in many ways. So what’s the feel-good angle? The people taking to the streets.

+ Man Hires $600-Per-Hour National Security Lawyer to Fight a $60 Traffic Ticket.

+ Entrepreneur with autism inspiring others with his booming pretzel business.

+ Why these central Queensland seniors love hitting up the gym. Taking iron, and pumping it too.

+ The most reasonable printer review ever. Just buy this Brother laser printer everyone has, it’s fine.