Cleaning Up in Every Aisle: “The eyebrow-raising spikes at the grocery store can only partly be blamed on manufacturers’ higher costs. The inflation narrative offers the perfect jumping-off point for companies to raise prices, and major food manufacturers are taking advantage of the moment to boost their profits.” Inflation is the best thing that ever happened to food companies.

+ Robo Cop: FCC orders phone companies to block scam text messages. “The first robotext rule requires blocking of texts from invalid and unused numbers.” (Next, please make political texters stop. “As a thank you for supporting my campaign, I sold your number to every other politician in America!”)

+ Ryan’s Seas Crest “Ryan Reynolds: movie star, philanthropist, former People’s Sexiest Man Alive, and… exceptional at business?” All of his businesses moves are killing it. Maybe he can advise my bank!

+ Fences: People complain about how terrible other people are online. But, people suck offline, too. Today’s example is this crazy dispute over a fence in the Bay Area. Point Richmond fence stokes neighborhood furor.

+ To Dye For: “When Richard J. Daley took office as the mayor of Chicago in 1955 he was determined to develop the riverfront and tasked city workers with finding where the sewage was coming from. They used the green dye to help identify the source of the waste.” Dyeing the Chicago River green is a St. Patrick’s Day tradition. How did it start?

+ I Don’t Envy This: “A urologist wants to make his penis-enlargement implant as common as breast implants. Some men who’ve gotten it say it’s left them deformed and in excruciating pain.” The big short.