“Since 2004 Square Peg Foundation has been providing homes and meaningful work for ex-racehorses who, for whatever reason, would have trouble finding a home in equestrian sports. Today, with our 25 horses, we serve hundreds of autism families every year, we are the designated provider of equine services for San Mateo County Mental Health, and we provide meaningful paying jobs for eight young adults with autism. We currently have over 100 families on a waiting list for services.” Let’s do something good this weekend. Square Peg is an incredible organization that does good things for people and animals. I’ve known the founders for years and wholeheartedly vouch for them and the program. The recent California storms hit them hard. Join me in supporting their Go Fund Me.

+ “The Biden administration on January 19 launched the Welcome Corps, a new program that will allow groups of Americans to directly sponsor refugees to resettle in their communities.” You can now sponsor refugees yourself. Here’s how.

+ This Maine home can stay 70 degrees without a furnace, even when it’s freezing outside.

+ “Ants don’t have a nose, but that doesn’t stop them from sniffing out cancer. Thanks to an abundance of olfactory receptors on their antennae, the insects have an incredible sense of smell—and they can use it to detect tumors.”

+ WaPo: Yale’s hugely popular happiness course is revamped for teens.

+ An ALS patient set a record for communicating via a brain implant: 62 words per minute.

+ Amsterdam’s underwater parking garage fits 7,000 bicycles and zero cars.

+ Japanese government to once again allow loud cheering, full attendance at concerts, sports events. In other words, you no longer have to scream inside your heart. (Which makes this the perfect moment to buy a copy of my book, Please Scream Inside Your Heart.)