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Fatal Footage: Everyone from the local police chief to the FBI director has warned us that we will be appalled by the video of Tyre Nichols’s fatal encounter with police. Of course, you could have guessed as much from the fact that five Memphis officers were arrested on second degree murder charges before the video was made public. Here’s the latest.

+ Chief of Gaffe? Zients “joins ahead of two years of looming investigations from Congress — and a special counsel probe into classified documents found in Biden’s personal files.” Biden is getting a new chief of staff. Jeff Zients will replace Ron Klain.

+ Kid Glock: “Long guns for kids have been around for years, typically shotguns or single-shot rifles scaled down for a child. But what has attracted so much attention to the JR-15 is its semiautomatic action, firing with each pull of the trigger — along with the image of putting a mini assault rifle in the hands of children in a country where a 6-year-old just shot a teacher in the chest with a handgun legally purchased by his mother.” Coming Soon to Stores: The AR-15 for Kids. From Who Shot JR? to Who Did JR Shoot?

+ Copper and Robbers: “That mine could help address climate change by helping the United States replace fossil fuels and combustion engines with renewable energy and electric cars. But to Mr. Nosie, a former chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, it’s the latest insult in a bitter history.” The NYT on the dirty business of clean energy. A Copper Mine Could Advance Green Energy but Scar Sacred Land.

+ CBD-Day: “Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe opened in 2020 and the ban will force scores of businesses to remove CBD-infused gummies, drinks and other products, or shut down altogether.” Well, times have changed … and turned backwards. Hong Kong to ban CBD, label it a dangerous drug. “Penalties include up to life in prison … for importing, exporting or producing CBD.” These lawmakers need to smoke some THC and chill.

+ March Sadness: “I think Billy will go down in history as one of the greatest analysts in the history of sports television.” So said Jim Nantz as he reflected on the passing of Billy Packer who had the voice synonymous with college basketball. Packer called 34 Final Fours.

+ Rechecks and Balances: “The National Archives has asked former U.S. presidents and vice presidents to recheck their personal records for any classified documents following the news that President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence had such documents in their possession.” Maybe there’s an upside to this nonsense. America’s classified information is so spread out, no one can find it all.

+ Glorious Food: The Murky, Salty Mystery of Worcestershire Sauce and An Ode to Kraft Dinner, Food of Troubled Times.

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