“Spinning together a counternarrative for tens of millions of viewers, Russian propagandists … latched onto claims that Western embargoes of Russian oil would be self-defeating, that the United States was hiding secret bioweapon research labs in Ukraine and that China was a loyal ally against a fragmenting West.” And so far, Putin and his cronies are doing a pretty good job of keeping their own citizens in the dark. But where do they get all the propaganda? The same place Americams kept in the dark get their propaganda. Fox News. NYT (Gift Article): Leaked emails detail how Russia’s biggest state broadcaster, working with the nation’s security services, mined right-wing American news and Chinese media to craft a narrative that Moscow was winning. “They excerpted and translated footage from favorite pundits, like the Fox News host Tucker Carlson, whose remarks about the war were shown to millions of Russians. ‘Be sure to take Tucker,’ one Russian news producer wrote to a colleague. The email referred to a clip in which Mr. Carlson described the power of the Chinese-Russian partnership that had emerged under Mr. Biden — and how American economic policies targeting Russia could undermine the dollar’s status as a world-reserve currency.” (Even people who hate Fox News underestimate the damage it’s doing to America and the world.)