Nurse Sharks: A special report from USA Today: Many nursing homes are poorly staffed. How do they get away with it? “One-third of U.S. facilities fell short of multiple benchmarks the federal government has created for nurse and aide staffing.” And from ProPublica: Endgame: How the Visionary Hospice Movement Became a For-Profit Hustle.

+ There’s the Rub: The Browns’ history as a sports franchise has been so pathetic, many doubted whether they could make things any worse. On Sunday, they’ll confirm that they found a way. The Ringer: Deshaun Watson’s Return Is Not an Excuse to Forget.

+ Morally Bankrupt: “Chris Mattei, an attorney for the Sandy Hook families in the Connecticut case, criticized the bankruptcy filing on Friday. ‘The bankruptcy system does not protect anyone who engages in intentional and egregious attacks on others, as Mr Jones did. The American judicial system will hold Alex Jones accountable, and we will never stop working to enforce the jury’s verdict.'” Let’s hope he pays. Alex Jones files for bankruptcy.

+ Indo-ctrination: Today in crazy, Indonesia’s parliament is expected to pass a new criminal law that will punish sex outside marriage with imprisonment of up to a year. (There are times in my life where this would have sounded like a pretty good deal.)

+ Himes Change: WaPo: “A bipartisan House select committee is set to release a first-of-its-kind documentary-style film on economic inequality in America, a modern historical record of three uniquely American stories that members hope bursts the political and partisan bubble around the issue in Washington.” This is a great way for a Congressional panel led by Jim Himes to communicate about the nation’s most pressing issue: the economic divide.

+ Brain Food: “To prepare for the depths of winter when food is scarce, many animals slow down, sleep through the cold or migrate to warmer locales. Not the common shrew. To survive the colder months, the animal eats away at its own brain, reducing the organ by as much as a fourth, only to regrow much of brain matter in the spring.” This is not unlike my experience being on and then getting off Twitter.

+ Grawing Problem: NYC is looking to hire a Director of Rodent Mitigation. You might be just the cat they’re looking for.