“We want to succeed together, not one against the other.” French President Emmanuel Macron is in DC for President Biden’s first state dinner. The two expressed unity when it comes to Ukraine, but there are some differences when it comes the Inflation Reduction Act, “that favors American-made climate technology, including electric vehicles.” AP: Biden says climate law has ‘glitches’ after Macron criticism.

+ Putting the friendship to the test: Bidens to serve Macrons US cheeses at White House state dinner.

+ In other big French news, according to the NYT (Gift Article), The Baguette Has Been Granted World Heritage Status. “The baguette’s creation is the source of many urban legends: Napoleon’s bakers supposedly created it as a lighter and more portable loaf for the troops; Parisian bakers were said to have made it a rippable consistency to stop knife fights between factions building the city’s subway system (who could rip the bread apart with their bare hands and did not need knives to cut it). In truth, historians say, the bread developed gradually — elongated loaves were already being produced by French bakers in 1600. Originally considered a bread for better-off Parisians who could afford to buy a product that went stale quickly.” In the spirit of international stability, I too celebrate the baguette (every time both sourdough and bagels are unavailable).