OK, I guess we need to discuss the elephant-sized ego in the room. Without a single member of Congress in attendance, Donald Trump announced another bid for the presidency when he should be doing a bid in the joint for sedition. WaPo got the headline right. Trump, who as president fomented an insurrection, says he is running again. “The twice-impeached former president has been eager to declare his candidacy, hoping to get ahead of likely rivals and potential criminal charges.” The NY Post when with: Florida Man Makes Announcement, Page 26. Trump basically had to run to position his criminal challenges as a witch hunt and to have a bargaining chip with a future GOP nominee should his own campaign fall short. We don’t need cover this story nonstop. We don’t need to obsess over this treacherous loser. There are 8 billion people on Earth. Somehow, we let one of them drive us crazy for four years. Time to give some other a**hole a chance.