Missile Blower: “Poland’s president said Wednesday it appears a missile that landed just inside the country’s border was from Ukraine in what he called an ‘unfortunate accident.'” (But that accident was caused by a very purposeful invasion.)

+ Yale into the Void: “They make you feel like you’re the best of the best, like this bright and shiny thing. But as soon as something’s wrong, they want nothing to do with you.” WaPo: Suicidal students are pressured to withdraw from Yale, then have to apply to get back into the university.

+ Undying Effort: “I’d come to Gstaad, a swanky ski-resort town in the Swiss Alps, to attend the first in-person Longevity Investors Conference. Over the two-day event, scientists and biotech founders made the case for various approaches to prolonging the number of years we might spend in good health. And the majority of them were trying to win over deep-pocketed investors.” Inside the billion-dollar meeting for the mega-rich who want to live forever.

+ Hold My Ear: “An international team of researchers estimate that 24% of 12- to 34-year-olds are listening to music on personal listening devices at an ‘unsafe level.'” One billion young people risk hearing loss from loud music.

+ They’re Playing Our Song: BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z are now tied for most Grammy nominations.