UVA Shooting: “College students should be loud, boisterous. But Monday night, if you listened closely, you instead heard the slightest weeping. A cough or two. The crunching of feet over fallen autumn foliage. Whispers into the chilly night. Some muffled cries. They gathered here on The Lawn, the large, grassy court at the center of the grounds—their lit phones and candle lights raised high above their heads providing literal and figurative light after a dark day.” Hours after three football players were killed and two additional students were injured in an on-campus shooting, thousands united at a vigil of support and solidarity.

+ Blue Lake: “After days of ballot counting, Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs has been elected governor in a hotly-contested race against election-denying Republican Kari Lake.” Lake tweeted, “Arizonans know BS when they see it.” Actually, only slightly more than half of them do. It’s good she lost. Its scary she almost won.

+ We Talkin’ About Practice: “Even as the traditional warfare is underway, new advances in technology and training in Ukraine are being closely monitored for the ways they are changing the face of the fight. Beyond Delta, they include remote-controlled boats, anti-drone weapons known as SkyWipers and an updated version of an air-defense system built in Germany that the German military itself has yet to use.” NYT: For Western Weapons, the Ukraine War Is a Beta Test.

+ Camorra’s Box: Roberto Saviano “lives under police escort and has been in hiding from the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra, since 2006 after being threatened by mobsters following publication of his book Gomorrah.” It’s not just the mob that’s after him. So is Italy’s new prime minister. Writer Roberto Saviano goes on trial for comments about Italy’s PM.

+ Ink Blotter: “Last month, a 10-year-old boy walked into the nurse’s office of his elementary school in Highland, N.Y., and asked for some Vaseline. He wanted to rub it onto his new tattoo — a crude rendering of his name in large block letters on the inside of his forearm. The nurse called the police.” NYT (Gift Article): A 10-Year-Old Got a Tattoo. His Mother Was Arrested.

+ Extended Layover : “Bees that collect pollen from the sprawling groves of blue gum eucalyptus in Golden Gate Park often produce a honey with a rich and buttery taste, like a chardonnay or butterscotch. Potrero Hill honey has a ‘warmth and wildness’ with hints of anise, because of the wild fennel growing there. Telegraph Hill honey can have notes of citrus, on account all the lemon trees in the old Italian neighborhoods of North Beach.” Robert Mackimmie and His Local Bees Capture the Tastes of San Francisco in a Honey Jar. Cool story, and the honey is good.