Tater Tottis

Sure, America might go the way of Rome. But Rome is still pretty interesting. NYT (Gift Article): A Messy Marital Split Tarnishes a Roman Soccer Legend. “Once upon a time, Francesco Totti, the crowned prince of Italian soccer, celebrated a goal by ripping off his jersey and revealing a T-shirt reading, ‘You’re the One,’ a proclamation of eternal love for Ilary Blasi, a showgirl who stole his heart. The two got married on live television, had three children and moved into a villa befitting Rome’s born-and-bred royal family. Now, 20 years later, he says Ms. Blasi’s the one who stole his Rolex watches. In response to her filching his timepieces, said to be valued at more than 1 million euros, Mr. Totti, 46, admits he raided his wife’s Jimmy Choo, Amina Muaddi, Le Silla, Casadei and Gucci shoe collection. He also hid her purses by Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Chanel, which is the name of one of their daughters.”

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