Hammer and Sicko: In her first interview since her husband was attacked, Nancy Pelosi issued what should be a universal message: “I’m sad because of my husband, but I’m also sad for our country. I just want people to vote and we will respect the outcome of the election, and I would hope that the other side would do that as well.” Pelosi says attack on husband weighs on her future plans. And in case you have any notions that we’ve hit bottom: Trump calls Pelosi ‘an animal‘. Or in case you think it’s all just words: “The rally on Monday wasn’t the first time Trump imagined journalists being raped in prison. He laid out the same fantasy at a rally in Texas last month, saying the reporter would give up the identity of the leaker as soon as they realize they are ‘going to be the bride of another prisoner very shortly.’ The audience burst out in laughter, just as they did Monday night in Ohio. It isn’t just a laugh line.” (But the fact that it is a laugh line says a lot.)

+ Northern Exposure: “Canadian intelligence officials have warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that China has allegedly been targeting Canada with a vast campaign of foreign interference, which includes funding a clandestine network of at least 11 federal candidates.” (Sorry if this screws up your post-election plan b.)

+ Alt Lake City: “The village will provide permanent housing to people who are chronically unsheltered, which means they’ve spent a cumulative year or more on the streets within the last three years. The Other Side Village is specifically targeting those who struggle with mental illness or drug addiction, since they’re the ones who have the hardest time finding and maintaining housing.” A village for Salt Lakers experiencing homelessness is designed for self-sufficiency.

+ Mom and Pop: “Living alone has its advantages. ‘I mean, the morning I got my first No. 1, I woke up and I told my mom that I got my first No. 1 … And she was, like, ‘That’s awesome.’ And then she was, like, ‘You have a bunch of dishes to do from last night.'” He’s produced hits by Lizzo, Bieber, and Lil Nas X. And, Blake Slatkin Moved Out of His Mom’s House.