What to Book: Business books rarely start with a founder quitting his job and looking back at what he created with a deep sense of concern while lying on a bed in a cheap motel (when he could easily purchase the whole motel, the hotel nearby, and the whole block). But Mike Evans is no ordinary founder and his just-released book Hangry: A Startup Journey is no ordinary business memoir. If you’ve been reading recent headlines, you’d be forgiven for assuming that being a successful founder means you have to be an a**hole. It’s turns out nice people can build big things. Mike Evans is proof of that. As a sidenote, I had the distinction of being the only person to invest in each round of the startup he chronicles in this book: GrubHub.

+ What to Doc: No one makes more entertaining documentaries than Billy Corben. And he’s done it again with Hulu’s God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty. The pacing of this doc, starting with the salacious stuff about the infamous pool boy and then getting to how the whole affair fits into the much bigger picture of politics, power, and presidents, is just perfect.

+ What to Hear: If you see me walking, hiking, or kayaking with my AirPods on, there’s a very good chance I’m listening to one of two things. Howard Stern or Bruce Springsteen. After 30 years, and at just the right time, Springsteen finally agreed to join Stern in the studio. The result was worth the wait. Both men agreed it was among their best interviews ever. Some outtakes that include a bit of interview and bits of songs: Thunder Road, The Rising, Tougher Than the Rest, and the song Bruce played as Clarence Clemons passed away, Land of Hope and Dreams.