Irving Deserving: The Nets finally suspended Kyrie Irving for his antisemitic crap. Good. Kyrie finally issued an apology for his offensive behavior. Also good. We can give this stuff no quarter. When you don’t stop it, it catches on. FBI warns of ‘broad’ threat to synagogues in New Jersey. And it’s spreading. French far-right MP De Fournas suspended for shouting ‘Back to Africa‘. Inch by inch, decorum gets removed, racism emerges, and things get bad.

+ Chief Twat: All the headlines today are about the Twitter layoffs (because journalists are obsessed with Twitter and give it undue coverage). But tech companies across the board are also laying people off as the economy and the market craters.

+ Lysol Wasn’t The Only Thing We Were Drinking: What were the impacts of us spending so much time at home stressing during the pandemic? US alcohol deaths rose nearly 30% in first year of Covid.

+ Tom Cruises: “Former President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and former fundraiser, Tom Barrack, was found not guilty Friday of charges that he acted as an unregistered foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates during the Trump administration and then lied to the FBI about those contacts.”

+ Line of Fire: “Scholz and Xi agree Russia would cross a line with nuclear weapons in Ukraine.” Uh, yes, we all agree. Some of us feel he crossed a line with a murderous invasion.

+ Jimmy Hafta: Jimmy Kimmel Told ABC He’d Quit if Execs Stopped Him From Making Trump Jokes. “It appears the execs once spoke to Kimmel about laying off Trump in order to not alienate Republican viewers. Kimmel said ABC execs were right in their apprehension, as he estimates he lost around half of his audience due to Trump jokes.” That hits a little close to home. Interestingly, just about the time ABC was trying to shut Kimmel up, I was telling him and everyone else to get a lot more loud. The Real Jimmy Kimmel Test.

+ Taxi Driver: Judd Hirsch Brings an Extraordinary Life—And Career—To The Fabelmans. Oh Judd, you had me at Taxi.