Well, those worried about the misinformation risks associated with Twitter’s new owner had to wait about five minutes for their concerns to be validated. In a Tweet later deleted, Musk amplified a conspiracy theory about the attack on Paul Pelosi posted “by a fringe website, the Santa Monica Observer, an outlet that has previously asserted that Hillary Clinton died on Sept. 11 and was replaced with a body double.” This was just hours into his tenure as the leader of a company he bought for the ‘good of humanity.’ The bigger story here is how far up the chain of political and economic power these insane conspiracy theories can spread. Meanwhile, the fact that he’s the owner of multiple massive companies but still has time to sit around and fire off imbecilic tweets proves the point I made on Friday. Elon bought Twitter because he is a Twitter addict.

+ There’s the fake free speech of hate mongers and violence instigators who think they have the right to voice their bile on privately owned platforms. And then there’s real free speech. And Elon Musk’s First Move Was To Fire The Person Most Responsible For Twitter’s Strong Free Speech Stance.