Seoul’s Halloween Tragedy: “The squeezing became more like crushing, and soon bodies were pressing against her so tightly that her feet were no longer touching the ground. What the 23-year old remembers next is being in a pile of people, her lungs flattened, her legs going numb as she took shallow breaths. She remembers people screaming for help, then falling silent as bodies around her grew limp.” From WaPo: After more than 150 people were killed in a human crush, a reckoning awaits Seoul’s crowd tragedy.

+ Bridge Collapse: “Police in western India arrested nine people on Monday as they investigated the collapse of a newly repaired 143-year-old suspension bridge in one of the country’s worst accidents in years, officials said. The collapse Sunday evening in Gujarat state plunged hundreds of people into a river, killing at least 134.”

+ Amusement Stark: “However, those awaiting their freedom at Shanghai Disney can console themselves with one positive: rides are continuing to operate for those trapped inside The Happiest Place on Earth.” Visitors to Shanghai Disney are experiencing China’s Covid zero policy and are unable to leave without negative Covid test as park shuts.

+ Water Guns: Power and water supply hit across Ukraine in ‘massive’ Russian missile strikes.

+ The Fascist and the Furious: “Several thousand black-clad fascist sympathizers chanted and sang in praise of the late Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on Sunday as they marched to his crypt.” It’s bubbling up everywhere, folks.

+ Grass Skirt: Need some good news? Experts are giving you an excuse not to rake your lawn this year. Of course, your lawn is dirt because we’re out of water. Why experts say you shouldn’t bag your leaves this fall.

+ Water Guns: “A painting by abstract Dutch artist Piet Mondrian has been hanging upside down in various museums since it was first put on display 75 years ago, an art historian has found, but warned it could disintegrate if it was hung the right side up now.”