Hairdos and Don’ts

It goes by many names. Kentucky Waterfall. Camaro Crash Helmet. Tennessee Tophat. Dixie Dust Ruffle. Macgyver. Hesher. Hockey Hair. Soccer Rocker. Ten-Ninety. Achy Breaky Big Mistakey. Missouri Mudflap. Coat Rack. Beaver Paddle. Yep-nope. Schmelby. Neckwarmer. El Camino. Squirrel Pelt. Business in the front, party in the back. And my favorite: The Shlong (SHort in the front, long in the back.) A haircut doesn’t get this many nicknames without drawing a lot of emotion from those in favor and those opposed. So proceed with caution as you bear witness to the year’s most disturbing hairdo event. NYT (Gift Article): Inside the Search for the Best Mullet in America. If you were in the vicinity, you may have been concerned you wandered into an insurrection planning session—until you heard the participants sharing tips on conditioners. “About half of the 14 contestants wore Americana garb: a shirt with a toile-esque pattern of bald eagles, red-white-and-blue camouflage, shortalls that looked like an American flag. Almost all wore wraparound sunglasses. Many sipped tallboy cans of beer as they shared tales of barbers, including one dramatic anecdote about a hairstylist being unreachable that morning when one contestant needed a touch up. Conditioners were compared — Tresemmé proved divisive — and tips were shared, including a hunch about how sunshine can add a gloss to hair.”

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