Aside from Trump coverage which never ends, we tend to watch big news stories emerge like oncoming meteors and disappear like shooting stars. But let’s pause and reflect on the amazingness of the story of how humans took on an asteroid. David W Brown in The New Yorker: How NASA Launched Its Asteroid Killer. “The Dart spacecraft was seven million miles from Earth; after charting a ten-month, hundred-and-one-million-mile course around the sun, it had squared up for its terminal run against an asteroid called Dimorphos. If all went according to plan, dart would collide head on with Dimorphos at fourteen thousand miles an hour, fundamentally deforming the asteroid and changing its orbit. For the first time in more than sixty years of spaceflight, our species would be not just exploring the solar system but rearranging it.” I feel a sense of accomplishment if I rearrange my sock drawer.