“America, you have probably heard, is on the edge of collapse. In the ideological death match described by President Biden as a ‘battle for the soul of this nation,’ the forces of MAGA square off against the self-declared Resistance. One side will conquer; the other will be crushed. Given these doomsday politics, it may surprise you to learn that some of the most glorified and vilified characters of these tumultuous years have quietly forged a peace — working together to ensure the world’s wealthiest and most powerful players thrive amid the turmoil.” Megan K. Stack in the NYT (Gift Article) with an interesting look at how democracy’s heroes and villains can end up working for the same law firm. It turns out mixing red and blue makes green. Where Are They Now? Trump Administration Edition. (Those prone to projectile vomiting should probably yell, “Fore!” before reading this piece.)

+ Speaking of politics and the law, according to WaPo, Federal agents see chargeable tax, gun-purchase case against Hunter Biden. Watch it turn out that Hunter Biden has to pay a price for this pissant crap while Trump skates. (We’ll all be prone to projectile vomiting when that happens.)