Sometimes, things don’t work out in a job or at a small business and you have to search for a new gig. When that search is taking place in an era when a superpower is showing enthusiasm for getting heavy arms into the hands of an ally in a hurry, those new gigs can be pretty interesting. People who, a year ago, may have considered opening up a flower shop, day-trading, or driving an Uber are now getting into arms dealing. As one lawyer who represents arms dealers explains, “It’s the Wild West.” Here’s Justin Scheck in the NYT (Gift Article) with the story of a growth market that is welcoming new participants with open arms. She’s a Doctor. He Was a Limo Driver. They Pitched a $30 Million Arms Deal. This lede is a direct hit. “After falling out with his partner at a limousine company in the St. Louis suburbs, Martin Zlatev recently sought a lucrative new business opportunity: selling $30 million worth of rockets, grenade launchers and ammunition to the Ukrainian military. Mr. Zlatev and his new business partner, a local osteopath, took their first crack at international arms dealing.”