“At the end of a long day at work in the offices of Japan’s professional baseball league, Asumi Fujiwara returned to her apartment and changed into pajamas. She wanted to get in a light workout before going to bed, so she placed her vinyl yoga mat on the floor in front of the toilet, rolling it past the single kitchen burner and the one-slot toaster and toward the foot of her desk.” In other words, sometimes you have to come up with a technique to make up for size. And that’s definitely a requirement for the Japanese apartment dwellers who have decided to live in a shoe box. Actually, my hyperbole is getting away from me. Each of these apartments has “a tiny ‘genkan,’ or entryway, with enough room for exactly three pairs of shoes.” It’s the little things. NYT (Gift Article) takes you inside a 95-Square-Foot Tokyo Apartment: ‘I Wouldn’t Live Anywhere Else.’