“Amini’s death has become a rallying cry, sparking protests across dozens of cities and towns, including the capital Tehran. Women have taken to the streets, brazenly removing their required head coverings and burning them as others record the protests on cell phones.” Iran protest deaths reportedly soar.

+ The New Yorker: Iran’s Ferocious Return to the Belligerent Policies of the Revolution’s Early Days.

+ Amid protests, Iran’s Guard strikes Kurdish groups in Iraq. They’re so terrified of freedom that they bomb those who unveil the truth.

+ “I Wish I Had An Ounce Of Their Bravery”: Iranian Women Abroad Are Watching Protesters Back Home With Pride And Fear. This is the fight, in America and abroad. Secularism vs extremism. Sanity vs craziness. Women’s rights vs violent wrongs. Protests have erupted all over the world.