Benito Fungus

“A century after Benito Mussolini’s 1922 March on Rome, which brought the fascist dictator to power, Meloni is poised to lead Italy’s first far-right-led government since World War II and Italy’s first woman premier.” How a party of neo-fascist roots won big in Italy. (It’s worth noting that Italy was an early adopter when it came to these kinds of politics before WWII.)

+ “In the United States, the most relevant lesson comes not only from the disturbing victory of the fascist-linked Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), but also from the fate of the former strongman of the Italian right, Silvio Berlusconi. Sunday night, the man who reshaped modern Italian politics, in many ways setting an example for Donald Trump to follow, suffered a humiliating fifth place finish, supplanted by his more radical protegées. That result may preview the future of a post-Donald Trump Republican Party.” The Lesson for America From Italy’s Election. (We’re already seeing politicians trying to replace Trump by being more extreme.)

+ Surprise, surprise. The most bombastic GOPers are super impressed with Italy’s new far-right leader.

+ This might be a good time for the US to actually have an ambassador in Italy

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