Shots in the Dark: The vaccine landscape is getting a little complicated. “There is, however, a simple rule of thumb that nearly everyone can follow to maximize the uncertain gains from a shot: Wait three to six months from your last COVID infection or vaccination.” The Atlantic: A Simple Rule for Planning Your Fall Booster Shot. And, Omicron COVID-19 booster shots are coming: Here’s what you need to know. “While the original vaccines still do relatively well in keeping people out of the intensive care unit and dying, he said, their effectiveness in preventing infection has declined over time because of the evolution of the omicron strain.”

+ This Really Burns My Ass: “The German carmaker has been putting extra features like high-beam assist behind a paywall for a couple of years now, and you pay to access the pre-installed software feature. But heated seats are hardware: Pads are integrated in the seat during production, there is wiring and switches. And to top it all, drivers have already bought and own this physical kit, hardware that will not benefit from software updates or regular over-the-air upgrades.” Car companies are desperate to turn you from a buyer/owner to a buyer/subscriber. But BMW’s Heated-Seats-as-a-Service Model Has Drivers Seeking Hacks.

+ High Rise Low Blow: “There were countdowns, livestreams, and even viewing parties. Photographers camped outdoors for hours to get the perfect shot. On Sunday, thousands in India turned up in Noida city’s Sector 93A, some 50 kilometres from the capital New Delhi, while millions were glued to their TV screens, as two mammoth buildings exploded.” Developers broke the rules. Activists won a fight. And the conclusion was a couple of very big booms. India Blew Up Apartments Worth $87 Million to Send a Message.

+ Mantle Piece “Move over, Honus Wagner, there’s a new king of baseball memorabilia in town. A nearly flawless Mickey Mantle card sold for a record $12.6 million at auction at Heritage Auctions.” (For that kind of money, I expect my card to be totally flawless, not just nearly…)