What to Hear: I’ve been a fan of Soccer Mommy for a while and got the chance to hear her latest album a bit early. It’s even better than expected. Start with the song, newdemo. Here’s the album Sometimes, Forever on Spotify or your music streamer of choice. (I wonder if she goes by Football Mommy in Europe?)

+ What to Watch: Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow are great in The Old Man on FX and Hulu. Better to go into the first episode knowing nothing other than the fact that the dude abides.

+ What to Read: “It’s not an everyday thing, the feeling; it hits him less and less as the bad old days—’the days when I was a lying degenerate,’ John says, ‘the days when I was a thieving, disgusting animal’—recede in his rearview. His new life of sobriety and repentance generally keeps him too busy to dwell on the past. But occasionally, when visited by certain sights or sounds, he feels a primal shudder unique to anyone who’s spent years in the Federal Witness Protection Program, living a ghostly life of assumed identities and midnight relocations.” Vanity Fair: John Franzese Jr. Flipped on One of History’s Most Notorious Mobsters—His Father—And Lived to Tell the Tale. (Don Jr, it’s doable!)