“Meadows the next day even urged they look into a daft YouTube conspiracy theory that Italian satellites had changed votes. This was ‘total insanity,’ Donoghue said.” (Everyone knows the Jewish Space Lasers shot down those Italian vote-changing satellites.) Donald Trump did everything he could to overthrow this election and he just about succeeded. Earlier in the week, we saw how a handful of poll workers and local leaders stood up for America. Yesterday, we heard how Trump-appointed officials at the Justice Dept did the same under an onslaught of pressure. (It’s critical to understand that all of the damning testimony against Trump and his enablers is coming from GOP members and his own appointees.) WaPo (Gift Article): 5 takeaways from the Jan. 6 hearing on Trump’s Justice Dept. plot, including who asked for pardons, and this simple fact: Everyone hates Jeff Clark.