Chips and Dips: Here’s an everything story from WaPo. The Biden administration considered sending out gas rebate cards to Americans, but then they realized that the chip shortage would make it difficult to produce enough of them. Too bad cars can’t run on torn up monthly statements from our stock brokers…

+ Ron(g): “U.S. regulators on Friday authorized the first COVID-19 shots for infants and preschoolers, paving the way for vaccinations to begin next week.” But not in Florida, the one state that isn’t ordering any vaccines, because Ron DeSantis knows better. ‘We are devastated.’ Doctors angry over DeSantis not ordering COVID vaccines for young kids.

+ Mud Wrestling: “The newspaper reported that the board’s investigation uncovered several other nondisclosure agreements reached in relation to other misconduct claims against McMahon and Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis by women who worked for WWE.” Vince McMahon steps down as WWE CEO while the company investigates alleged misconduct.

+ SpaceX Marks the Spot: While Elon Musk was discussing the importance of free speech with Twitter employees, SpaceX fired at least five employees after it found they had drafted and circulated a letter criticizing him.

+ Thighs and Lows: “Courtney’s booming online career sets her apart in suburban Fort Worth, where she is often recognized around town by fans. Inside Courtney and Nick’s home, surrounded by framed family photos and Dallas Cowboys merchandise, they shared the highs and lows of their new normal.” Meet the family behind ‘Texas Thighs,’ an account for a mom’s salacious photos (when it isn’t getting banned).

+ The Scamularity: And we’ve finally reached the singularity. Convicted scammer Anna Sorokin says she is now selling NFTs. (In the business, we call this a lateral career move.)