There are advantages to being the Internet’s Managing Editor. For one thing, when your team wins a championship, you lead with that story. But in this case, the Dubs winning their fourth title in eight years doubles as a Feel Good Friday piece (at least outside of Boston). It’s hard to get one’s head around the idea that the Warriors locking in their position as a dynasty is a comeback story, but it is. During the pandemic shortened season of 2020, they posted a record of 15-50. They had an aging core group and were basically written off as contenders. One of the two Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson, suffered two devastating leg injuries in a row and was out a total of 941 days. Coach Steve Kerr is a great guy who has now won 12% of all NBA Finals (5 rings as a player, 4 as a coach). And Steph Curry, the key ingredient behind all the team’s success, is arguably the nicest superstar in sports. And then there are the unsung heroes: The medical professionals in the maternity ward at Akron General Medical Center, where two bouncing boys named LeBron James and Steph Curry were delivered a mere three years apart. From the undersized and perennially underated finals MVP Steph Curry: “This one hits different for sure knowing what the last three years meant, what it’s been like. … Injuries, the changing of the guard, rosters, the young guys. … Now, we got four championships. Me, Dray, Klay and Andre.” A Dynasty Renewed.

+ “In winning it all again, the Warriors defied everything about this dizzying NBA era, where superpowers rise and fall faster than the crypto market.” Inside the Warriors’ Long-Awaited Return to Glory.

+ “There was a lot of tears shed. … I knew it was a possibility. But to see it in real time, holy cannoli.” Klay Thompson Is Just Happy To Be Here Again.

+ The Ringer: Steph Curry Leaves No Room for Debate About His Legacy. (I left no doubt about mine on the very same day when I headlined the story about Herschel Walker’s newly discovered children with: He Always Could Find the Open Hole.) And let’s not forget that, during this championship season, Curry had time to complete the requirements to graduate from Davidson College. (Now he has the skills to make a living once this sports thing runs its course.)