Keep Your Powder Dry: The closing of Abbott’s formula plant for a Cronobacter sakazakii bacterial contamination was one of the central stories related to the formula shortage. After months, the plant finally re-opened. Now it’s closed again for a few weeks due to flooding caused by severe thunderstorms. (Maybe it’s a good time to go straight to solid food…)

+ Less Fam, More Bam: French President Macron: “My colleagues and I have come here to Kyiv today with a clear message: Ukraine belongs to the European family.” And nothing says family like a more shipments of weapons. Leaders pledge arms and EU path for Ukraine in Kyiv visit.

+ Protection Racket: “Stealthing also figured prominently in Michaela Coel’s 2020 critically acclaimed HBO series I May Destroy You. Some viewers reported that watching the show helped them name and process their own sexual trauma.” WaPo: Stealthing, the act of removing a condom during intercourse without the other partner’s consent, is gaining attention among lawmakers.

+ Quick Layover: “A monitoring group said troops were dropped by two helicopters in al-Humayra, close to the Turkish border in opposition-held Aleppo province.
There were seven minutes of armed clashes between the troops and people inside the village before the helicopters flew off.” US-led coalition capture senior IS leader in north Syria raid.

+ He Always Could Find the Open Hole: “The Trump-backed former running back, who criticized Black fatherless homes in 2020 as having a ‘major major problem,’ went from having one 22-year-old son, to another ‘secret’ 10-year-old son, to a total of four children, all in a matter of days. A real-life nesting doll. And the week isn’t over yet.” Herschel Walker admits he now has not 1, not 2, but 3 extra children he forgot to mention. (OK, but aside from this, Walker has none of the qualities one associates with a senator…)